Thursday, August 9, 2012

Who Directs Your Steps?

So on Tuesday I posted about traces of grace and finished it off by quoting Psalm 37:23 - The Lord directs the steps of the godly; He delights in every detail of their lives. That blog was primarily focused on Him delighting in our details; this one will focus on Him directing our steps, based on an event that happened yesterday.

My friend, Kate, and I had made lunch plans and agreed to meet at a restaurant near my work place (incidentally in a very nice part of town). What was meant to be a brief lunch so we could both get back to work, turned into an hour and twenty minutes. As we departed, we gave each other a hug and both held on longer than usual. I remember thinking that was odd, but those seconds may have been vital, as you will read in a moment. Kate headed out the door as I went and refilled my drink and visited the restroom. I left the restaurant and drove to the left back to my workplace; as I did, I saw ambulances and fire trucks whizzing by me. I didn't know what had happened until Kate sent me a text about an hour later.

She told how she turned right out of the restaurant and went through the other side of the parking lot on her way back to work. As she drove, she saw a commotion around a small red car and a man stumble out covered in blood. Being trained in CPR, she stopped to help. Upon reaching him, she realized he had been shot and stabbed multiple times. She assisted until the ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

After the adrenaline went down and the processing began, Kate told how during lunch she kept looking at the clock behind me thinking she needed to leave and go back to work...but yet she stayed. And then there was the lingering hug that felt odd. She strongly believes that God was protecting her from being right in the middle of that violent situation (ended up being reported as a robbery of a jeweler by two masked men) which had transpired only moments before she drove by.

We both knew with our head knowledge of the Bible that God directs our steps, but now we know experientially that He does. To add one other element, I firmly believe that not only was God protecting us, but He was also arranging for His agent to be involved in this situation. Here is yet another reason to allow God to direct our steps - to be fully available to His service in bringing light and love to this dark world. I told Kate to take it as quite a compliment that He entrusted that to her yesterday. While I am also trained in CPR, I don't know that I would have been able to handle it with such grace as she did.

To wrap it up: Do we live in a treacherous world? You betcha. Is it bound to get more treacherous? You betcha. Do I know who directs our steps and keeps us from harm? You betcha. So TRUST that wherever you go today, He directed your steps there and that there is grace to cover whatever you may encounter!


  1. It's amazing to think about how many times a day God does this and how many times we don't notice or don't cooperate.... and so thankful for all the times we do! (and the blessings it can bring for our neighbors and ourselves)

  2. Love this... :) More times than we realize God has directed our steps.