Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Fullness Thereof

A few months ago when I felt impressed to start this blog, I was working late one night setting it up and when I came to the box specifying the title - "the fullness thereof" immediately came to mind. Knowing this was from the Lord, I named it as such and moved on, but I knew I would revisit this topic and pray about why God wanted it named this.

In the context of the verse (Psalm 24:1), this phrase denotes God's complete and total ownership of the world and everything in the world - all of its fullness. I want to relate the phrase though to our walk/relationship with God. Bear with me as we go crazy in the dictionary a bit: Full - holding or containing as much as possible; filled to capacity or near capacity; with all privileges, rights, etc.; with no part lacking, complete; the greatest degree, extent, etc.

So many who bear the name of Christ today aren't living in, or for that matter, even being exposed to all of the fullness available. We serve a limitless God who has empowered us and given us everything we need to overcome. Yet so often, we are content to both hear and live a watered down gospel. I pray that this blog may be instrumental in challenging you to pursue the fullness thereof with God, that you may be: filled to capacity, with all privileges and rights, with no part lacking. Amen!

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