Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kingdom Resources

What I'm about to write may shock you, but I hope that it doesn't. Have you ever considered that everything that is under your authority is or should be a Kingdom Resource? And by that I mean: 1) resource - a source of supply, support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed and 2) kingdom - a territory, state, people, or community ruled or reigned over by a king or queen. As part of the people of God under the rulership of King Jesus, are you a source of supply and support that can be readily drawn upon? I dare to assert that all of us who claim the name of Christ should be able to answer this question with a resounding YES!

So often we consider most things in this world "ours", when in fact, we are
merely stewards of them. One has to look no farther than the parable of the talents to see this illustrated (Matthew 25:14-30). When you first come face to face with this truth, it may seem a little unfair, and to be honest, kind of a rip! But when you finish this parable and realize that the King of ALL rewards those who are faithful with even more resources to steward - you realize there is nothing to fear and no reason to hold so tightly to these piddly resources that you think are "yours." How much would you rather be tied into LIMITLESS supply for the small price of laying down your will? :)

Obviously when you start to talk about resources, people naturally move toward the topic of money. And that is a big one, of course, especially in the financial times we are enduring. But what else is under your authority that can be of use to your King? Your home, your time, your family, your vehicle, your particular set of skills, the list goes on...

As I was reminded at a marriage conference recently, according to Matthew 6:21 - "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." When we begin to invest, all that we are and have, in the Kingdom and in people...our hearts will be drawn there as well. We won't have to fabricate or muster up a desire for the things of God or a love for people - it is our human tendency as this Scripture so succinctly states to hold dear those things where we put our treasure or resources.

What an awesome opportunity we have, and let's think of it as such! To begin to make choices to invest all of our resources into Spirit-guided Kingdom endeavors and stand back to watch what our awesome God does!

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  1. Wow! So insightful. I remember us talking about this before on our way to skiing. Having the mindset that we are stewards makes "giving" a lot easier.